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All the way from mobile forms to dashboards.

Decision taking reports and dashboards.

Digitize your operation without the need to change or readjust your control formats.


VISUAL CONTROL TOWER for vehicles, containers, big bags, or     any other cargo units. 

​- CUSTOM REPORTS in various formats: Tables, kanbans,     schedules, timelines, etc. 

- ZERO PENALTIES for delays due to exact control of container     return dates. 

-GRAPHIC DASHBOARDS with counters, bars, pies, searchers,     levels, buttons, links, etc. WORKFLOWS that connect steps of a     process and control time at each stage. 

- COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and greater impact on your     customers with a personalized app. INTEGRATION with all your     quality systems. 

- TOTAL TRACEABILITY of processes for international certifications     or accreditations such as ISO, BASC, and OEA (Authorized     Economic Operator).


CUSTOM FORMATS and Checklists with evidence in     photos, signatures, and video.

- DISPATCH OF TASKS to operational mobile forms     directly from any cargo unit.

- AUTOMATION with routines with custom code in fields,     forms, and processes.

- DOCUMENTARY CONTROL of vehicles and drivers, with     alerts for returning dates.

- NOTIFICATIONS and emails on the device, as well as     alarms and changing colors on the screen.

- PDFs for printing or automatic sending via email with     what is recorded in field forms.

By automating your processes 
you will achieve much more!

With T&C´  s visual graphic aids, standardize your operations easily.

Create and customize your forms according to your requirements using our graphic aids.

It's that easy to create
 your own form!